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How to Prepare General Awareness for Bank Exams 2016 - "Capitals & Currencies"

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Hello and welcome to edKraft. We have published articles on How to Prepare - English Language for Govt Exams in the past which received a great response from your end. Now we are starting a new article series on How to Prepare General Awareness for Bank Exams 2016.

We are starting with "Capitals & Currencies" in the General Awareness Section.

1: Capitals: There is at least one question from capital of a country in every exam. So how do you prepare and what do you study?

First things first, you have to read the Monthly Current Affairs Magazine thoroughly if you want to prepare.

Every month, there are at least 20-30 countries mentioned in the magazines. So you need to make a list of the countries in news. But how would you know which country is important and which is not?

Here is the list of important events which you need to pay heed for Capitals:

  1. MoUs signed by Indian government with the countries.
  2. Newly appointed ambassadors from or to - India related or US related.
  3. Any Prime Ministers/Presidents/Ministers who visited India - His country.
  4. Any country created some record - Recently Sri Lanka was announced free from Malaria.
  5. Any country that had a major change in their government.

Make a monthly list of the countries and capitals and study. In this way you can easily get common.

2.Currencies: Currencies are similar to capitals. They also come from the countries that were in news in the last few months. So all you have to is follow the same list for currencies.

However, some of the countries have same currency. So in order to make it easy for you, group every currencies that are same.


In this way you can assure yourself that capitals and currencies won't be an issue for you.

So in the next coming days we will cover each and every topics on General Awareness !!

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